A Labour of Love

June 10, 2016

A Labour of Love

A labour (for some reason us Brits like to add silent 'u's' into our words) of love for eight years and counting...

When we moved as a family from London to Houston in 2008 I wanted to create something that would give future generations a glimpse into our new American life. Something more tangible and visible than a collection of photographs tucked away in an album. Out came the canvas and tapestry wools and the first square, President Bush, was born.

I've slowly added new squares at the rate of about one a year - not enough spare time! There's still room for one more president (whoever that may be!) and hopefully another National Championship title crest for Bama. I may also include crests for the universities our boys attend. Then I'll be onto rug number two!

I bring this love of displaying important milestones to the Brit and Bee collection. Whether it's a high school or college graduation, initiation into Greek life or a memorable birthday or holiday, pop it onto a cushion to be snuggled up to and enjoyed by everyone.


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