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Brit and Bee - A little Brit different

Founded on a passion for British quirkiness combined with a love of anything with a name on it (bees are pretty cute too), Brit and Bee was born in Houston, Texas in May 2016.

Charlotte Mustard, Queen BeeTaking the traditional monogrammed product to the next level is our goal. Mix a dab of British wit with scrummy colours and jolly good fabrics and you have all the ingredients for something a little Brit different.

British born, America loving designer Charlotte Mustard is the Brit. After graduating in Clothing, Textiles and Design from The University of Alabama, Charlotte began her creative career in New York City as an assistant knitwear designer for Liz Claiborne. She then buzzed over to London to work for Top Shop and a number of other large British retail fashion chains before taking permanent residence in good ol' Texas.

And the bee? Well, Charlotte thinks bees are brill...as are cushions...and cats...and her boys. Charlotte also loves shouting at the TV during college football season (Roll Tide anyone?!)

Welcome to Brit and Bee, we hope you find something that's the bee's knees.

Brit & Bee & Monty The Cat

Brit & Bee & Monty The Cat