Translation Coaster Set - Geordie & Mackem


- In a 2008 newspaper survey, the Geordie/Mackem accent (a regional nickname for a person from the larger Tyneside region of North East England) was found to be the "most attractive in England"...which is wonderful, if one can understand what is being said!

These six chunky coasters translate some of the most common regional phrases into plain English. Practice the accent over a few drinks and you'll be a true Northerner in no time.

COASTER 1 - PURPLE  'Gan canny on ya way yem toneet' (Be careful on your way home tonight)
COASTER 2 - BLUE  'I'm clammin' for me bait' (I am feeling peckish)
COASTER 3 - GREEN  'Hadaway and shite man' (You cannot be serious)
COASTER 4 - ORANGE  'Howay man put the sneck on the netty door' (Please lock the toilet door)
COASTER 5 - RED  'Why ya bugger man, it's wass!' (Oh my, that is huge!)
COASTER 6 - BLACK  'I'm gannin' on the hoy like' (I am going out for a drink now)

  • Set of 6 solid 1/4" thick acrylic coasters
  • Individual coaster size: 4" width by 3/8" depth
  • Laser engraved phrases and translations
  • Natural wood bases - handwash only
  • Brit and Bee engraved logo
  • Gift boxed
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Each coaster set is made to order, please allow 3 business days from order to dispatch
  • Made in Texas, USA